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Core Values

Core values define the values in which an organization will operate in everything that it does. These values form the very foundation in which an organization will perform work and conduct itself. Core values are always constant and define the environment in which an organization will abide in an ever changing world.

The core values for Loving God Fellowship are:

  • Loving God
  • Exalting Christ
  • Placing priority on prayer
  • Emphasizing biblical preaching and teaching that guides, instructs, and encourages
  • Promoting an environment that focuses on life, joy, and hope
  • Embracing and loving people from all walks of life
  • Reaching those with the Gospel that are not yet following Jesus
  • Celebrating God's gracious gift of diversity in mankind
  • Encouraging believers to serve God through serving people and community
  • Practicing humility is a worldwide interdenominational Christ-following fellowship made up of those who love God and people and is supported by loving Christ-followers around the world.

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